Gasket, Narrow, Black, 25 5/16" x 23 7/8"(SKU - 810812)
Gasket, Narrow, Black, 25 5/16" x 23 7/8"(SKU - 810812)

Gasket, Narrow, Black, 25 5/16" x 23 7/8"(SKU - 810812)

True Part Number: 810812

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  • Genuine OEM replacement gasket directly from True®
  • Produced from high-quality material
  • Insures a proper air-tight fit promoting longer-lasting equipment
  • Maintains consistent cabinet temperatures
  • Helps reduce annual electrical consumption (kwh)
  • Easily installed
  • 25 5/16" x 23 7/8"
  • Narrow
  • Black

Used In: TWT-93, TWT-93D-2, TWT-93D-4, TWT-93F, TWT-93F-HD, TWT-93HD, TWT-67, TWT-67D-2, TWT-67F, TWT-67F-HD, TWT-67HD, TWT-60-32, TWT-60-32F, TWT-60-32F-HD, TWT-60-32HD, TWT-119, TWT-119D-2, TWT-119D-4, TWT-119D-6, TUC-GAL-93, TUC-93, TUC-93D-2, TUC-93D-4, TUC-93F, TUC-93F-HD, TUC-93HD, TUC-67, TUC-67D-2, TUC-67F, TUC-67F-HD, TUC-67HD, TUC-60-32, TUC-60-32F, TUC-60-32F-HD, TUC-60-32HD, TUC-119, TUC-119D-2, TUC-119D-4, TUC-119D-6, TPP-93, TPP-93D-2, TPP-93D-4TPP-67, TPP-67D-2, TPP-60, TPP-119, TPP-119D-2, TPP-119D-4, TPP-119D-6

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