Genuine True parts and accessories for True commercial refrigerators and freezers

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Where are my cabinet's model number and serial number?
Both the model number and the serial number are located on a gray label that is affixed to the inside wall on the upper left-hand side of the cabinet. View an example.

Gasket questions

When is it time to replace my gasket?
- The gasket appears torn or cracked.
- There are gaps between the gasket and the door, indicating a poor seal.
- The gasket has hardened, is brittle, and is no longer flexible.
- The gasket is too dirty to clean and its color has faded.

How do I measure my gasket?
All True gasket dimensions are based on dart-to-dart measurements. The dart is defined as the "arrow" portion that snaps into the door frame.

How do I determine if I need a narrow or wide gasket?
A narrow gasket is generally 3/8" in width, while a wide gasket is 7/16" in width.

How do I properly install a swing door gasket?
Please view the following video for a walkthrough.