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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Where are my cabinet's model number and serial number?
Both the model number and the serial number are located on a gray label that is affixed to the inside wall on the upper left-hand side of the cabinet. View an example.

Gasket questions

When is it time to replace my gasket?
- The gasket appears torn or cracked.
- There are gaps between the gasket and the door, indicating a poor seal.
- The gasket has hardened, is brittle, and is no longer flexible.
- The gasket is too dirty to clean and its color has faded.

How do I measure my gasket?
All True gasket dimensions are based on dart-to-dart measurements. The dart is defined as the "arrow" portion that snaps into the door frame.

How do I determine if I need a narrow or wide gasket?
A narrow gasket is generally 3/8" in width, while a wide gasket is 7/16" in width.

How do I properly install a swing door gasket?
Please view the following video for a walkthrough.

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