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Product ID Strip, Shelf, Wire, White, 23 -13/32" Length(SKU - 916288)

Product ID Strip, Shelf, Wire, White, 23 -13/32" Length(SKU - 916288)

True Part Number: 916288
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Parts and accessories are serial number-specific, so we want to make sure you buy the correct item the first time. To match your equipment with the part number, please contact one of our reps via the live chat or call 800-424-8783 and provide us with your equipment's serial number. View a sample sticker, which is located on the left interior side of your equipment, to find the serial number.


  • Genuine True® OEM Clear Product ID Strip. Designed for exclusive use on True Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers.
  • Product ID strips are an essential part of making a sale! They allow you to easily label your products and display the pricing on the front of the shelves.

    Models Used In:

    GDM-47, GDM-47FC, GDM-47-HC-LD, GDM-47RL, GDM-49, GDM-49F, GDM-49FC, GDM-49F-HC~TSL01, GDM-49-HC~TSL01, GDM-49RF, GDM-49RL, GDM-49RL-HC~TSL01, GDM-49RL-HC-LD, GDM-52TM, GDM-69, GDM-69FC, GDM-69HL, GDM-69RL, GDM-72, GDM-72~TSL01, GDM-72F, GDM-72FC, GDM-72`HC~TSL01, GDM-72F-HC~TSL01, GDM-72-HC-LD, and GDM-72RL


    23 -13/32" Length


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